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The most powerful industrial maintenance and repair center

The multi-year experience of the repair and maintenance center in the repair of industrial components and equipment has made this field one of the center’s most important priorities and it’s on the rise day, in this way we have found the ability to provide services to many manufacturer brands, such as European, American and Asian. And the ability to provide these services to domestic and foreign factories and industries.


In order to carry out repairs in various industrial complexes, we came to the conclusion that a system (factory – production line – device) acts like a living creature.


The multi-year experience of repair and maintenance center in repairing parts and equipment has made this field one of the most important priorities of the center and grows.

Equipment maintenance management system

Increase the useful life and productivity of machinery, plant and equipment

An important issue in industrial and development centers is the way of service, maintenance and repair of machinery, equipment and equipment, in other words, the technical protection of physical assets.Over the life of industrial equipment and systems, periodic maintenance of systems or equipment should be addressed. This process involves the use of specialists, tools and parts, materials and equipment, etc. In the management of materials and components, maintenance, various activities should be carried out at different scales and periodically or based on specific environmental conditions in the system.

The maintenance system is capable of helping to improve the production efficiency and increase the operating speed of machinery by providing a suitable platform for registering technical and engineering information of machinery and equipment, planning preventive services, emergency management and predictive services.

Due to incomplete and non-scientific interpretations that govern the minds of many managers and even experts and practitioners in maintenance, the importance of this definition becomes more colorful and more sensitive.Although preventive maintenance is one of the most important methods used in this branch of science, it can not be conceived only in this area.Some also restrict the concept of maintenance in one or more specific and basic operations, such as lubrication, sometimes meaning maintenance and repair as a quick reaction and operation in a critical condition for the repair of machines. ; Although speed is one of the most important indicators in this area.But certainly not the only indicator. Maintenance is one of art, because before the occurrence of a problem, and also when it occurs, there is the ability to choose different approaches and activities.Therefore, managers, supervisors, and repair and maintenance experts will have a more significant role than any other parameters, even the “nature of the problem created”.