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Molding and modeling
A worthwhile goal


Considering the company’s approach to lowering the cost and speed of its compressor components production, each of these casting and molding units and moldings are formed with the best efficiency and with the lowest cost approach.

Esfahan Steel Co. in order to Maximizing the use of production capacity in the casting and molding sector, makes of molds and castings of cast iron and aluminum parts for other manufacturers.

The obvious advantage given to customers who order casting and mold production is to be sure that they will receive the best quality at the lowest possible price. And all the process of manufacturing the mold to deliver casting to a company and do not have concerns about the coordination between different companies.

The basis for a good manufacturing work begins in the molding sector of mold making and a good casting model

Mold quality plays an important role in reducing production costs such as grinding, polishing, and speeding casting.

 Molding and modeling process    

The mold construction process begins with a three-dimensional mold design in Sally and Kitya software. Then this 3D-based file is based on CNC milling machine.  

Types of molds and models made by the industrial group    

Manufacturing of cast and aluminum models for the production of casting parts, steel, aluminum and bronze

Molding and modeling of wood and Unilateral for the production of parts in low circulation

Molding and modeling for the automated disassembly lines of Disa, Wagner, Hanseberg

Unionite molding and packaging

Wrought Iron Modeling and Forming     

The members of this self-sufficiency group in the industry, the molding and implementation of engineering projects, the localization of technical knowledge of the day and the strengthening of the empirical ability of graduates, is the only way to develop the country’s industry. And has tried in every way to enhance its technical knowledge and others in the relevant field, and to bring these sciences and experiences to respectable producers. Esfahan Steel Co., now with its experience in implementing industrial projects and projects, considers its main responsibility to support manufacturers and graduates of engineering courses and is ready to provide services in its specialized fields.