The existence of well-equipped workshops; special machines and tools, along with the design elements, have made it possible to build and repair many of the required equipment in the company. Despite the company’s senior managers and experts, it is possible for the company to provide such high quality equipment and prices at the best possible prices to the reputable manufacturers and manufacturers at home and abroad and prior purchasing records.

Modernization and upgrading of machinery and equipment, repairs and repairs to prevent damage based on PM and CM planning, approved by the employer, major repairs and projects are among the main activities defined in this section. The expert and skilled personnel employed in this field over the past years have played a valuable role in advising and launching many of the petrochemical projects that have been exploited in the country.

Services Manufacturing of industrial equipment

  1. The contractor and provider of all manufacturing services of all types of precision industrial parts
  2. Performing the services of manufacturing and manufacturing of various parts for cutting and forgingPerform CNC parts manufacturing and manufacturing services
  3. Manufacturing and producing of hub and gear components
  4. Production of milling parts
  5. Performing the services of manufacturing actuator parts, internal and external grinding
  6. Manufacturing and manufacturing of stretching, bending and punching parts
  7. Carrying out manufacturing of roller bolts and pins
  8. Carry out all the exact welding services of all types of components and structures


An example of parts manufactured by Isfahan Steel Co

Car horns
Cast iron pump blade
Gears diameter one meter
Brake axle disk