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Typical design and manufacturing methods are in the form of original design and design, improved design and reverse engineering.

In most advanced and technology-rich countries, they have the ability to carry out a first-class design. Esfahan Steel Co., with highly qualified and experienced staff, has the design and construction experience in all three types.

Design and engineering reverse engineering:

  • Preparing a map of parts manufacturing based on sample and component performance
  • Provide the technology of manufacturing components according to how the system works
  • Use of Engineering Software (Powermill , Mastercarn , Catia , Cad)
  • Design of molds and fixtures and other production equipment related to each order
  • Use of GOST, ASTM, AWS, ANSI, API, DIN, UNI, BS standards

Design and manufacturing of original design (Original Design):

This type of design is usually customized and specific, and includes the steps: conceptual design, design analysis, standardization, documentation, and construction. The company is able to manufacture specific industrial equipment ordered by the industry in this way.

The Ball Drop Weight Test is an example of these devices, which is a screenshot of its monitoring page.

The company manufactures parts using various methods such as machining and machining.Also based on the existing memorandums, the company has the ability to build on the basis of casting.

Designing and manufacturing CAD / CAM components using CNC milling and milling is one of the things that companies are active in.The company has the ability to design, analyze and simulate computer-aided design (CAD / CAM) at all stages. One of the features that the company has in this regard is that in addition to carrying out the process of designing a piece of process such as material selection, determination of tolerances and adaptations, specification of parts such as hardness and surface fineness is also carried out by specialist experts of the company.