Department of Control and Quality Assurance

Quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) in an organization are a set of activities to achieve the standard of quality of a product or process of production, and efforts to maintain and improve it by implementing quality control guidelines and standards and ISO standards.

The QC of Isfahan Steel Company has an input control, control during the process of engineering and manufacturing, and final control of products as a major program in its agenda. All quality control processes are carried out in accordance with the quality control instructions communicated to all organizational units.

میکرومتر داخل سنج

  • All materials and inputs to the company are sampled according to the guidelines and are tested and tested according to the relevant standards, and if the standards and requirements are met, they will enter the manufacturing and manufacturing stage.
  • The process of manufacturing and repairing industrial equipment and components is steadily monitored by experts in the quality control unit. Control during manufacture or repair of an equipment has a significant effect on the final quality of the product.Registered forms of quality control of a piece during production operations will lead to the identification of factors affecting quality with the lack of product quality and will prevent the creation of additional costs due to construction errors.
  • According to the company’s quality control guidelines, as well as consideration of employers’ expectations, the quality control of the final product is monitored in terms of appearance, dimension, and performance.

Some of the most important quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) tasks are:

کیج بلوک راپورتر

  1. Inspection, sampling, testing, quality control of manufactured products
  2. Record the process and records of the piece or equipment
  3. Control and enforcement of licenses and licenses in accordance with the instructions and regulations
  4. Control standards and their compliance with the guidelines
  5. Evaluate purchasing resources, approve or disapprove them
  6. Calibrate and update all measuring and calibration information
  7. Monitor the implementation of the quality control instructions
  8. Definition of Purchase Characteristics for the Supply Department
  9. Timely delivery of quality failures to the manufacturer and assembler and CEO
  10. Identify and record all conflicts and problems related to the product, process and quality system
  11. Documenting all documents related to quality assurance and quality control