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Project implementation steps

Department of Quality Control

Designing and manufacturing parts

Esfahan Steel Co.

Esfahan Steel Co. has started its activity in the field of manufacturing and producing various types of industrial parts and machineries and industrial parts in the area of ​​10,000 square meters and 4,000 square meters of production hall since 2013. Now with an experienced team, he has successfully completed his 5S certificate and specialized certificates in various fields.

quality guarantee

By implementing ISO quality standards and standards, ISO standards are implemented.

Product warranty

All parts manufactured for 6 months are replaced by warranty

periodic service

Carrying out periodic services will increase the life span of the components and thus increase the life expectancy of the device.


Equipped with non-destructive labs such as Quantum meter, Types of hardness gauges, Electromechanics, microscope , Metallography


Esfahan steel group with the latest technology and equipment ready to render services.

Quality Control

All quality control processes are performed according to the quality control instructions.